2021 Horse Shows

Silver Series at Iron Horse Performance

June 23-27, 2021

With over 100 acres dedicated to showing, we are sure that you and your equine partner will have a great weekend with us.


We have been busy getting ready!  Our rings, stalls, wash stations and more are all set to welcome you. 

Please download and complete the following forms to prepare for your visit:

1. Silver Series Prize List 

2. Silver Series Stable / Hay / Bedding Form

3. Silver Series Biosecurity Form

4. Essential Team Member Information

5. COVID-19 Waiver

6. Sponsorship Information

7. Register on Showmate


Kindly complete your forms and submit by email to ironhorse.horseshows@gmail.com before June 22, 2021.
PLEASE NOTE: After entries close on June 22, any changes must be made at the show office before 5pm for the following day. Absolutely no day-of adds. Scratches are permitted at any time. 


Information is subject to change as Provincial Guidelines evolve.

Helpful Information

Things you'll need to know to make your visit a success!

Our COVID Protocols

  1. Temperature checks - we have a medic at entry to complete a temperature check

  2. Wristband policy - eligible participants will be assigned a wristband, please keep this on for the duration of the show

  3. Waiver form - complete the COVID-19 waiver and submit upon entry


Load In

You will be notified in advance which day you will load in. Parking on the property for trailers is available and limited. Please let us know if you need trailer parking - please see the section on your Stabling Form.

Car Parking

We have parking for 200 cars. You will be issued a parking pass to ensure you'll have a spot in one of our three lots. 

Feeling hungry? 

We encourage you all to bring your own food and drinks. Please be sure to clean up your stall areas by using the garbage bins nearest you. There are many restaurants and fast food spots within 10 minutes of our facility. Please refer to this map for more details!


The Iron Horse Cafe Snacks

We will have a snack hut on site to provide guests with beverage and light snacks.



Looking to support our competitors? Sponsorship and prizes are always welcome!  To participate, kindly review the Sponsorship Information and email our Sponsorship Coordinator, Laura White at laura.white@live.ca,


Competitor Gifts

Here at Iron Horse, we are enthusiastic about supporting our riders.  For this show we are delighted to announce that we have a swag bag for each rider. Filled with products, samples and gift cards we know that by giving back a little helps make sure that you are ready for your next show!


Looking to be a part of our Swag Bag? Please reach out to laura.white@live.ca


A Few Rules and Regulations

  • You need to be a Silver Series Show Pass holder to compete in our show AND have it as "ADDED" and paid for at time of pass purchase through Angelstone

  • To enter this show, please register at Showmate.net

  • Iron Horse has implemented COVID measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. Under current rule 82/20, the care of horses at a boarding stable or place that houses horses is an essential business. We will be allowing only essential personnel on the property. The list of essential personnel permitted on the Iron Horse property is can be viewed here​.

  • Competitions will take place in designated competition areas, and will take place without spectators. Competition areas will be open to competitors and trainers only, and anyone with access to the competition area must have a valid Equestrian Canada Membership.

  • Every stable must submit their list of essential personnel by email to ironhorse.horseshows@gmail.com  48 hours prior to arrival on the Iron Horse property. Accreditation will be available upon arrival to the property. No one will have access to the stabling or competition areas without proper accreditation. This document outlines the list of approved personnel, and outlines the responsibility every essential personnel has prior to arrival on the Iron Horse property. We expect every person to take this seriously, and act in a safe and professional way.

Hunter Tickets are available Thursday (first come, first serve) on June 24th from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Hunter tickets are available at the conclusion of each show day, for one hour. The Grand Prix grass ring is not open for schooling, but will be open for walking (not grazing!) from 1:00-4:00pm on Thursday.

Checkpoints on the property

  • There will be two checkpoints when entering the Iron Horse property. Checkpoint 1 will be to ensure everyone in the vehicle is essential personnel and is authorized to be on the grounds. People not on the list will not be allowed to enter the grounds under any circumstances. Checkpoint 2 will be the entrance to the stabling compound. Temperature checks and verbal health checks will be conducted prior to access to the stables being granted. Accreditation will be available here for people arriving for the first time.

Stabling area management

  • Ship in is permitted, beginning at 6am on show days. Please note that trailers are not permitted in/out overnight.

  • Iron Horse will be enforcing social distancing protocols. Every stable will have their own secured area. Stables will be spread out throughout the property, with approximately 65% occupancy. The secured area of each stable will be accessible to the essential personnel of that stable only. A person will not be allowed to be an essential person in two stables. This will be strictly enforced.

  • Hay and Shavings deliveries will be done prior to arrival, and will be available on Thursday only. Please, no deliveries after 5pm on Thursday. 

  • Stall mucking fee is $40

  • The Iron Horse staff cannot enter your secured areas unless there is an emergency.

  • Please bring your own hose for your barn section.



  • Every stable will have its own washroom and hand sanitization station within their secured area. It will be the responsibility of each stable to clean and disinfect their washroom following use, as the Iron Horse Staff will not have access to your stable area. Every stable will have a $250/month surcharge for washrooms. Additional cleanings will be at the expense of the stable.


  • Every stable will have its own garbage can. Garbage bags will be provided prior to arrival, and garbage must be dumped into two central dumpsters on the property.

  • Help fight the spread by reducing your footprint

  • We will request for every stable to make their best efforts to minimize their footprint while maintaining the health and safety of their horses.

Iron Horse office and Competition office

  • All entries for any competitions offered during your rental period will be run through Showmate (www.showmate.net) and our virtual office (ironhorse.horseshows@gmail.com). Any questions or concerns should be relayed to our virtual office.

Arrivals on property

  • Arrivals may be done by appointment only. Vehicles are prohibited to enter the stables unless they have a set appointment. We will allow a maximum of two arrivals per hour. Stables will be asked to unload and vacate stables within their hour reservation period. Horses may not arrive before 6am on the day they compete. Competition is restricted to horses on-site. Horses may leave at any time but trailers are not permitted in stabling areas during show hours. Vehicles will not be permitted in the stables without an appointment. Appointments can be made by emailing ironhorse.horseshows@gmail.com. Appointments will only be available after the competition is complete any given day, and only if absolutely essential.

Masks and other safety

  • It is mandatory to wear a mask while not mounted on a horse. All essential personnel must bring their own mask. We will supply masks at the gate for those who do not have.  Sanitize your hands with products available at warm up rings often and before use.


  • Managing a stable footprint at the farm is important. Your list of essential personnel will be used at both checkpoints when entering the property. People not on the essential list will not gain access to the property. Please ensure your list of essential personnel is sent to the office prior to arrival on the property, and ensure all updates are done 24 hours in advance. Essential personnel will only have access to one stable, and cannot cross between stables. 


  • All ribbons will available at the in-gate associated to each ring. There will be no jogs at this time.

For all inquiries, please contact us at ironhorse.horseshows@gmail.com

We look forward to having you here!