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Email us at for information regarding upcoming sale horses or inquiries.


Ponies: For more info and a list of our ponies please visit:

Sold/Leased Horses:

Congratulations on the sales/leases of all our wonderful horses. 
We wish you all the best of luck in the future.


2017/18 Sales:

‘Northwind’s Sandpiper'

‘Graf Filou’

‘Sweet Bo Tea’


2017/18 Leases:

‘High Society’


‘V Twelve’  

‘Mr. Winter’ 


'Tomaz K'

‘Dayz of May’ 

‘Canterbrook Trimmed in Gold’

‘Princess Bride’


‘Cinderella Slippers’  



‘Dream Maker’





2016/17 Leases:

‘Graf Filou’


‘Princess Bride’


‘Cinderella Slippers’

‘Dayz of May’

‘Mr. Winter’


‘Tomas K’

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